BIOL420 @UNBC - Animal Behaviour

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This is Not Amoosing!

Victoria Rezendes

Transgenerational Plasticity: Nature’s Buffer Against Climate Change and Environmental Pressures

Caitlyn Gallinger

Social Complications to Conservation of a Social Primate

Kevin Huolt

It’s Never Okay to Have More Than Two Balls…

Ashley Sarazin

Got ‘MILK’weed??? Climate Change effects on Phenology

Michelle Miller

The Making of a Creature; The Taking of a Creature

Hayley Scott

Pesticides effecting Animal Behavior: No One Saw That Coming… except they did.

Samantha Brassington

Predators, Prey and People: How Humans Effect the Trophic Cascade

Paul Koch

Oh the Hu-manatee

Tyler Basran

Speaking whale: Noise pollution and it’s *VERY* far reaching impacts

Claire Hinchliffe

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